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Pendant Dependent

Posted in MMORPG Fiction (Fail) Attempts on June 7, 2014 by isabellawolgoth


( The Voice of the Pendant )


I was dreaming, I am sure.

Tucked into a hardscrabble bunk in the Lobster, the worst tavern in the harbor, I lulled myself to sleep as crowds of immature mages fought mock battles with warriors downstairs in the inn’s fight pit. Thanks to a druid in the tavern, sleep came quickly, slipping past my tongue inside a tea he had made for me for a measly plat piece.

I remember holding onto the pendant. You never can tell about those little lurkers, those little halfling rogues that sneak about the harbor with nothing better to do than pilfer jewelry from grog-happy drunks in the inn. But somehow, I was sure, sure as the nose on my face that the pendant would not allow anyone else to touch it but me.

“Yes,” the voice said as I skipped throw a dream-field of flowers. The sun smiled above me, and my my dream-eyes didn’t hurt, not like in the real sun. Butterflies by the dozen scampered into the air, and a cold breeze prickled the skin on the back of my neck. Turning, I saw her. The lady in the pendant.

“Yes,” she said again, “you are right, child. I wouldn’t let anyone else but you have me.”

“You?” I said, mind trying to frame the question correctly. “You are the voice?”

“I am your protector, my dearest. And you, you my pure soul are my favored.”

She was drop dead gorgeous for a witch. Witch, yes, I knew what she was. Who else could bind  their own soul into the heart of a gem and thus live on forever in some strange magical stasis. I instantly wanted nothing more than to do her every whim. Beauty, at times, is dealt upon mortals with a curse. So it was with my patron. I could care less about her name. All I wanted to do was stare into those wizened, black eyes– to walk forever in her grace, her shadow, her wisdom.

“We are bound together,” she said as she strolled towards me. Her long purple skirt traced evenly over the nodding daffodils, leaving cankers and dead patches in her wake. I knew then that the coldness that emanated from her would forever change me, change dreamland, change the powers I controlled in her name as her favored one.

“You would do anything for me, sweet one,” she said, running her long, cold fingers in my hair.

“Yes,” I stammered. I would, I would, I am sure I would die for her.

“I need you to obtain something for me in the depths of the halfling village. In the crypts to be exact.”

” Of course, my domina. What must I gain for you?”

“For us,” she said, placing a finger on my lips. “Search the crypts for this artifact,” she said, pushing thoughts, pictures, images in my head.

“I see it,” I said back to her, but not with my lips, with my soul. Turning before me was an artifact, a bauble of great power, something so powerful that it made my blood race, my pulse quicken.

“Rest now,” the witch said, turning from me. “I will watch over you.”

The field faded from view, and a dark void opened in the corner of my heart and swallowed me whole.

I slept like the dead until the next day.




Posted in MMORPG Fiction (Fail) Attempts on June 6, 2014 by isabellawolgoth

Author’s Note: I am well past the 75 page mark of my short story collection. Yes, I promised to alert any reader here as to the progress, but I became so absorbed in the process. I asked myself: Why 75? Why 100? Why not 150? Since the pagination of the project no longer matters (because it is going very well for me), I thought I would allow myself a little fun. I logged onto Dungeons and Dragons (the MMO), dusted off an old character or two, and even invented new ones. Following are the tepid results of my fun time. But be aware, if the MMO sucks away at my time too deeply, I’ll have to uninstall (again). However, I am hoping I can finally balance two worlds: gaming fiction and personal fiction. Let’s see if I can.



Because the harbor is home to undiscovered wealth in the sewers, and because the harbor is honeycombed by sewers infested with kobold who collect such lost wealth, I found the glimmering necklace and its ruby pendant in a decaying trunk tucked away in a kobold hold. It was the only item in the trunk. Blood red, the pendant glimmered at me, defying the filth of the sewer. It was a necklace only the wealthy could afford. It was a necklace only a bold person would wear in public, a person unafraid of thieves, rogues, churls of the first rank. It whispered to me from the bottom of the trunk, a whisper loud enough to hear above the incessant gurgle of the sewer streams, above the hum-hum-drum of mechanized pistons forever pumping in lairs long forgotten underneath my feet.

I put the necklace over my head, letting the pendant tumble to a rest between my breast.  The whispers grew louder, the whispers promised, promised power, regality, eternity. I confess a difference in my thinking, my diffident thinking that only an hour before questioned my place in the universe. In my life I have tried to be a cleric, but that life just didn’t work for me. Up early, chop wood, make gruel, bow to the idol in the chapel. How could I spend my life in such a fashion when a life of  riches lay waiting in the harbor? Could I not learn to steal? Learn powerful arcane spells from lost scrolls? Could I not continue my divine path alone? Already I knew how to heal my body, how to siphon the powers of the ether throw my body to produce a visible aura. But that was all. I could close wounds, little small pricks, little tiny cuts, but that was all. I wanted more. I deserved more. But the nuns of the chapel were not sharing with a novice suffering through a second year of apprenticeship.

“More? Yes, I can give you more,” the voice in the pendant promised. Her words–the pendant’s–were dazzling, made goosebumps trail up and down my arms, intoxicating me with those purring promises. “I was once like you, my dear,” she said more, “lost, alone, in need. But I found a way. I found the way, and if you follow me, you can be as powerful as I was.”

“Who are you?”

“You want a name? Names are for kings and churls. I offer you power beyond your reach and you question me?”

“Forgive me,” I said, coveting the warmth of the pendant against my skin.

“I shall, this time. You have promise. Listen to me and I shall give you such power as to mock those who pretend to it.”

“I promise then,” I said so quickly. I was hungry. Soul and body collapsing already into her breach.

“We need to go elsewhere immediately. Take me to the marketplace and I shall give to you items of wonder.”

I nodded, knowing she could hear my wordless agreement. I found my way in the dark, back through the labyrinth of filth, back past the kobold nests, back topside where the light of day made me feel oddly nauseous.

“It will pass,” she said, “but you will need to buy a cowl before we travel further on the path. Something to shade your eyes from the sun.”

“I shall do so my lady,” I swore, shrugging off the sickness, accepting it as my ticket to more, so much more.