Salasso, Isobel, and the Quest for Silver



Kailfae sat in what passers by called “the monastic” pose: Back straight, legs crossed, soles of the feet toward the sky, palms up. In truth, Kailifae’s body was perfectly present, but the soul–her soul–was deep inside the jingong ocean.

She was indeed a contrary image, an anchor of resolve who ignored the moans of zombie trapped inside the Orchard of the Macabre, but also a traveling soul bent on a quest.

“Where now,” she said to the perfect silence inside her head. But it also wasn’t inside her head, for her soul plummeted down into the depthless jingong, an infinite cosmos of possibilities, an infinite well of wisdom and power.

To be perfectly frank, the orchard had tested her prowess with bow, staff, and fists,  yet she found herself outmatched. Yes, the shuriken she had accepted as a gift from Hragg for aiding his tribe against The Cult of the Six still hummed with latent power, ready to dart out…ready to come back to her seconds later, but it’s powers were minimal against the flesh of the orchard’s powerful undead. And while that weapon was a boon to her pursuits, she had long began to suspect that her weapons, that her skill level was slowly being outmatched by the powers of darkness that covered Eberron like a blanket.

“What now,” she said to the perfect silence. My quest to master the shadows has been hindered by outer powers and principalities beyond my ken. Indeed, they wait for me just outside the pale, snickering and laughing.

“Eberron, right?” a voice said from the depthless shadows.

“Yes,” Kailifae answered.

“I remember,” the shade said, coming closer.

“And what is it you can tell me?”

“Just when you think you progressing, you are really losing,” said the shade. It stepped closer into the light of Kailifae’s soul. The vague outline of a human female began to take shape.

“I was once from Eberron, but now abide here in the shadows for crimes committed in the mortal world. My name was Isobel.”

“Crimes?” Kailifae asked, her focus wavering a bit.

“I was used,” Isobel said, now a tall dark-haired woman in Kailifae’s consciousness. “I was promised great power by Brother Salasso, a vampire.”

“And did  you find your power?”

“Note exactly,” Isobel said, twisting a lock of her black hair with a finger. “I wanted to become his equal, but instead he saw me as his pawn. If you ask me, sending Brother Salasso to a final rest would grant you what you desire, and me as well.”

“And what is it you desire, Isobel?”

“Respite from my hate,” Isobel said.

“And perhaps with this you will find perfect balance,” Kailifae said.

“Yes, balance is what I truly desire, yet I am unable to attend to it in my current state.”

“Then I shall help you, for perhaps if you find that balance of good and evil, of hate and love, perhaps you will one day be granted leave from this abyss.”

“Perhaps,” Isobel said, lowering her head. “Salasso’s evil corrupted me, and now I am only a shell of what I once was. I could have become something far better, but I was too young to know.”

“I will help you, Isobel. I will find Salasso and end his corruption. Not only will I truly be able to test my skills, but I would also be helping someone who truly needs it.”

“Brother Salasso’s a vampire, remember? You will need silver arrows, ninja. You’ll find them in Deneith. Talk to a man named Oleg. He will have what you need.”

“I will do this,” Kailifae said, her eyes opening to the world once again.

Twisting up from her lotus position, Kailifae grabbed her bow and made haste toward House Deneith, her body once again in perfect harmony with her will.

If she could outwit Whisperdoom, she thought, she definitely could outwit Brother Salasso.

——-Authors’ Note———-
The allusion to “powers and principalities” is from Ephesians 6:12. I drew focus for this writing from that particular scripture, for its exigence is undeniable.  I flipped the word order for increased rhetorical “ummph.” 


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