Henshin Mystic: In the Name of Fun


Thanks to reading the book of a certain DDO monk who has a wonderful site devoted to all things monk (The Book of Syncletica), I was drawn back into playing DDO. Previously, I had played by the rules…the rules of other players.

“Dude, you can’t roll a rogue like that. Don’t gimp cuz you won’t never ever be allowed in partyezzz.”

“Dude, everyone knows  warforged is the master race. Dump your drow immediately!”

And so I lived as they told me to until I got bored and left. I messed around on other MMORPGS, but nothing really had the feel that DDO offered me. So after reading that aforementioned blogger’s site, I smiled, nodded my head, came back, and now the fun is constant. I don’t have to worry about parties on DDO anymore because…they pretty much don’t exist like they used to.

After leveling my Monk/Ninja Spy up to 11, I got the itch for doing some quarterstaff work. Previously, I had only heard of the Big Stick (I cleaned up that phrase a bit) build featuring the rogue. I have one of one those, but I haven’t played her in months. But I still had that itch, so I rolled a drowish Henshin, and I have been quietly amazed at the power. Yes, she’s only level 5.5 currently, but after playing a few builds up to ten, I can pretty well tell what feels right to me (I really don’t care about power gaming, so don’t even try me on that).

I was warned by a person in my guild yesterday that my Henshin was going to face “Del’s” pretty soon, “and I worry you wont be able to pass the DR of those skellies.” Of course I shrugged it off. I have passed through “Del’s” on weaker characters armed only with the gift truncheon from the NPCs in     the graveyard. It’s about patience. However, after arming up my drow with a quest reward, one of those groovy chaos staves, I headed off for “Del’s” this morning just after dinging level five, and those “skellies” pretty much melted in front of my eyes thanks to a combination of the staff and using my monk’s dark side powers (ye olde Inevitable Dominion). Also, a dash of Way of the Clever Monkey has helped offset my supposed “full monk” weakness (also known as “no Rogue splash”).

“Dude, you’re going to be sorry for this build when you get to the upper levels” will probably be an admonishment I will hear in my guild anytime now. But, like usual, I will shrug it off because I am not a powergamer. I like leaning on my patience and being rewarded for it later. That’s exactly how I’ve survived martial arts training all these years. I’ve watched people start and quit Tai Chi Chuan; I’ve seen people leave classical kung fu for MMA sex appeal. But here’s the thing about all that stuff…long after they have burned out their knees, and long after the bone fractures begin to limit them in their sixties, and long after random internal organ injury has made a mess of things, I will be trucking on, still happy to expand and breath into “Snake Creeps Down,” or shuffle backwards to “Repulse the Monkey.”

And the same goes for MMORGP powergamers.

They will simply leave for the next big game because they can no longer get the power fix they so crave. Attachment to imperfections, also known as vices,  always leads to boredom and self-defeat (if not out right self-destruction).



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  1. No problem.
    Hope you guys like raw opinions too:)

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