(Art by Corbin Hunter)

Mists Metaphysical

Ever since Izobella escaped undeath in the realm of Eberron by a miscast of the common Dimensional Door spell, things got really weird. The spell was cast, she felt the usual brushing through the shadows, and instead of being deposited back at the dungeon door of the tomb she was exploring, she found herself in a tunnel of dark light instead.

Izobella floated in this vortex-like tunnel for what seemed like a day, maybe two, maybe even three. But then, a gray land between realities slowly dawned before her, and the dark light diminished somewhat. She felt unearthly intelligences working behind the scenes in the shadows, intelligences who preferred tentacles, insectoid forms, even wraith-like dream forms.

“Chaos,” a misty figure said to her, “remember that you are on the side of Chaos. You do not like imperials who reject the taint of Tzeentch. Got it? Chaos. Repeat after me. C–h–a–o–s.”

“Chaos,” she repeated with a bit of sarcasm. What the Kyber was this? Spiritual training? And what was up with her mind? She was both conscious and unconscious, like the gray zone, half in and half out.

“Push her through quickly before she comes to,” a voice in the murk said. Seconds later, she felt her body being turned, turned until she faced a void in the gray mists. And with the gentle nudge of a tentacle, something pushed her into a bleak void.

The void’s only light was a tiny dot below her booted feet. If she but lifted a boot, the tiny dot of light could be occluded. But slowly, by a process that seemed like days, the dot of light grew larger and larger until she was herself but a tiny dot compared to its size.

The Inevitable City  

When she blinked, she found herself standing on a scrap of land surrounded by two mountains, split by an abyss, located beside a dark city that brooded over a forlorn landscape.

At first glance, the land was like Eberron, but less civilized. She discovered this truth only by observation of the new realm’s beings over the course of a month. You had the Empire populated by humans, and you had Chaos, populated by humans like her (humans who did not care for the strict niceties of laws and regulations). There were elves too. Like Eberron, there were the straight-laced, snooty elves devoted to formality, magic, archery; and their opposites, dark elves, elves who resembled the Drow who were oddly named, The Druchii. And vampires, yes vampires also existed in this land, but unlike the undead she was used to in Eberron, these vampires were lawful in their habits, living by odd codes she herself found cumbersome and quaint.

And yes their were orcs too, benighted beings who reveled in their ignorance, lovers of illiteracy, proudly going by the term, “greenskins.” As far as she could tell, they were the unconscious slaves of Chaos, too stupid to realize they were being manipulated by intelligent human control. She personally despised their hooting antics and illogical actions; however, she did not they seemed to regard her as a being who fought on their “side” in some distant, obscure manner.

“Inevitabbbbbblllleeeee City,” snarled a little being no bigger than a gnome as it hopped and jumped in a manner one might consider a type of lopping run. Following after the odd green being, a beast that ran only on two thick legs snorted after, its slobber trailing, sticking to whatever the goo touched.

A drove of pilgrims slolwy came into view, seemingly following the snotling to the city’s main gate. They were gray of skin, solemn, stolid. They were like the boulders that surrounded the city, an odd personification of vengeance and strength. Cloaked in their traveling robes, they made their way up the hill past her, so she fell in line with them, taking up the rear. As she would discover later, this was her first encounter with the scowling Druchii…



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  1. Thanks as usual. You’re an angel….I think:)

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