Troll Country II


Ok, so I’m minding my own business last night, murdering NPC elves in their spic and span courtyards of tighty-whitey grandeur, and what do I see roll forth on Chat ? Baby WahWah!!!!

Yes, Baby WahWah apparently made an appearance last night on Chat, for this individual was adamant that we all share in their rage, all share in their WahWah despair that only a nihilist would find comforting.

Did I mention that WahWah typed all of this in the Advice channel? Yes, the freaking Advice channel, which of late has been a catch-all for jokers and emos of all levels.

“That’s it,” WahWah concluded, “I’m switching to Order. I might as well because I keep getting beat by them!”

It’s none of my business. I’m not a GM. But it is my business, sorta. It is my business to say on this platform that if you–the player–chose Destruction’s archetypes because you found them interesting, perhaps even alluring, then stick it out. Learn how to combat the many, many NPCS (or PCs) that grace this resurrected game. Learn the glorious weaknesses of each character class, for only then can you capitalize on such. And for the love of Khaine, learn how to restrain your inner WahWah, for the Advice channel is not the Existential Melt Down Channel of Greater Woe. No. It’s for advice. Imagine that! If you post in that channel, simply learn how to focus your grief into a question that would benefit you, that would give you more wisdom on how to capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses of your class. Learn how to love both.

In conclusion, I was leveling my druchii Witch Elf (think drow rogue) a bit last night as all this went down, and I will freely admit, it was touch and go. The Witch Elf has some powerful bursts of speed, speed graced with poison, but I cannot sit there (yet) with two or three elven NPCs on me. I have to learn my class’s weaknesses in order to learn its strengths. Yes, I think the NPCs got the best of me last night because….guess what….I’m still learning.

And I took it like a druchii too.
Not once did I embrace my inner WahWah and blurt it out on chat. My eyes are set on the long haul, not the quick fix of the old adrenaline rush.



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