Back into the Fray!


Portal for One

What can I tell you? Gates open all the time across Britannia, but this one wasn’t blue or red. This one was flat black.

Ilyana was off to the east attending vampire business with Duke Draven, moving up in the ranks of undead society with the nobles, talking about the price of land when that gate dropped thirty feet from me.

I had been tending our herb garden, picking what was ripe, rooting out what was weed.  I stood, dusting off my hands, waiting for someone to step out. But nobody did. I was beginning to think it was for me.

The gate resembled a flat black scar, a scar stretching from the ground to at least two meters up. I could easily go through. I knew gate magic, and I’d rather it be me who found out about the gate’s destination than Ilyana. I had been through it all in one shape or another.

I gathered my black cloak about me, slid on my hood, and took a deep breath as I stepped through.


I felt the gate collapse behind me, ripple past like a wave, and open before me. I reluctantly stepped out into a busy market, men and women of all races bustling that way and this way. A well dressed lad in the middle of the street was offering to buy “coins of Waukeen,” while another, an attractive woman mounted on what appeared to be a giant snail, advised one and all to buy her “charms right away, for they might just save  your life in a dungeon.”

There was no fear that I was lost, for this was like Eberron.  And Ilyana? She was old enough to fend for herself. She would be able to trace me with the use of the vampire court’s Eye of N’yarla, an aged sorceress keen when it comes to seeing what lay behind physicality.

I would have to find a tutor, someone experienced in the methods of attuning. I sensed that my magic would not translate well here in this ether, but that would soon be fixed if I knew a thing or two about myself.  I would pray for a man tutor, so that I may easily take advantage of his mind as he schooled me.










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