A Touch of Tzeentch at the Chasm


Fate would not have us disturb that dragon, for the next day a missive arrived hot from Protector’s Enclave, written by Sgt. Know himself.

” Proceed to Protector’s Enclave with all possible haste. –Sgt. Knox ”

I passed the note off to Shav who immediately shrugged. “Tell him we want more pay.”

It was happening already.  The emergence as a reliable identity. Someone who serves a soldier who serves a commander who serves a king. These are deep waters, and a creature like me cannot not be too careful.

It was noon when Shav had our trip planned and routed. He lead the horse by its reign and I accepted the head nodding pace. It gave me time to think about how this dimension was put together. For example, I didn’t select the spells, they came through the elements and even through the ether of arcane energies. Furthermore, the speed at which I rose from being an adept to Master of the Flame. In all of my experience, this transformation of my intention amplified through the elements and the arcane ether seemed radically advanced.

There were no arcane intermediaries to speak to about this, or even about what would come next form me. I sense the coming of my grand mastery lurking in the future before me, taunting me, luring me towards it. And what would that finally mean? That at last I would be able to afford fearing no man. Indeed, with my new empowerment, a ray of disintegration, enemies simply ceased to be. Gone all but for the dust.

“You know about the Chasm?” Sgt. Know asked once we were finally before him.

“The result of Mount Hotenow’s eruption,” Shav nodded, “and a fountain of chaos to all the world.”

“Yes,” Knox said, taking a load off at his table in his office just off the square. “And this fountain of aberrant chaos must be stopped, or stemmed even if not stopped. That’s where Isabel comes in,” he took off his helmet, shooting me a knowing look. “I’ve heard the reports from my spies. Good enough to be a master magus, or so they say. Think you can burn out the chaos down in the Chasm?”

I nodded. “And freeze it, and disintegrate it as well, but we are going to need a healthier reward this time.”

“Yes, yes, of course. I will arrange something with the king’s exchequer. You won’t be sorry.”

I stepped out into the purity of winter’s maw, leaving Knox to the hungry notions of my bodyguard. I drifted away immediately, thinking about Knox’s word choice: “aberrant chaos.” I have heard those words used before in another place, a place like this one, a place overran with Tzeentch. I myself was once a priestess of a cult of Tzeentch, but at the end of the day, I was simply a struggling magus looking for increasingly powerful spells and teachers. I had thought Tzeentch would be a teacher to me, but failed to learn to summon him for his wisdom and gifts.

“I will see to it immediately,” Knox nodded at me as he said his goodbyes to Shav. There was an understanding between them. I could see it in Knox’s bearing toward Shav, for it was a bearing that transferred hope to me at all cost. We watched the snowflakes swirl around him until he vanished in the shadows of the city.

“If we want more pay, we have to leave in the morning. The pay will be tripled, and we have a bath and a room awaiting us just four streets over. I vow to drink the first cup of mulled wine by the fire.”

“Ah, a tavern. How wonderful on a night like this.” I smiled, but smiled because I knew I would have a strong chance of feeding tonight. I had decided to never feed upon Shav because it would only complicate matters.

And then just like that, I knew.

It was Tzeentch, and he was looking for me.


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