Trouble in Amn (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow Dancer II)

As you have figured out, this a story where the hero gets exactly what she wants by going along with the program. And if the program fails me, who am I to follow a dead program: I start one of my own. Jaheira was sacked out in our bed, a fresh tattoo of that dark moon watching over sheep healing up on her shoulder. She thought of it as a token of my love. And why not, even if I had other designs for its use. Simple people, they do simple things, bestial things when provoked. Not to mention Edwin–he was probably out showing off his mage’s tome to harlots, charming them to lower their price, and Dorn, well if I knew that half-orc, he was out killing drunks, drinking their blood, howling at the moon.

A knock at the door brought me out of my reverie.

“Message for Ilyana,” a dwesilly little halfling said at the door.

I dramatically kicked it open with the heel of my left boot. It was left unlocked to invite strangers in for frolicsome fun. “Yeah, well, speaking,” I said, gurgling down the last of the wine in the flat.

“Tell me,” I said, hands on leathered hip, dipping down to the lad’s height. I had my eyes on that little dwesill. Never take them off of one of them: magic, backstab, laughter–just like me.

“Aran Linvail, Thieves’ Guild esquire, asks for your presence in his abode post haste,” the little squipper said.

“Linvail, you say? The Aran Linvail? Thieves Guild representative? The Aran Linvail?” I mouthed stupidly. Remember that thing about programs I mentioned? Well one was banging me on the head right about now.

“The very same,” the wimpsel said, poor little guy. Just earning his bloody coin, and here I am having a go at him.

I smile, look around, and nod. I wouldn’t be missed until morning. What was there to lose? A bit of sleep? Have at it already.

“Verily well,” I say, picking up Nyril, my enchanted long bow.. Each notch on the outside curve was a major bad I slew; the ones on the outside, the damsels I snuggled with in bed. “Lets go.”

And the little quibber of a man led on into the shadows.

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